We are extremely regretful to announce that, after two years of seeking, we have decided to suspend our search for a location.

During these past years, we have toiled to get Casanova up and running again, looking at 31 different locations all over the area and starting lease negotiations on 6 of them. Unfortunately, at every turn there seemed to be an unforeseen obstacle or some inexplicable incident, all of which barred our path to reopening.

A part of our disappointment is knowing that we have disappointed all of you, our loyal customers. We want to thank you again for your ongoing support and encouragement through email and Facebook posts. It was because of you that we were motivated and able to endure these months of frustration.

A very special thank you to our realtor, Darin, who was an amazing help to us, constantly going the extra mile and being a true advocate for Casanova.

We don't know what is in store for the Casanova name, if we will revisit the possibility of reopening in the years ahead, or if it will evolve into some other project. We will keep avenues of communication, through the website and Facebook, open as long as we can in the case that there are any updates on our future.

Our deep thanks and sincere apologies to all of you,
The Casanova Family

email: info@casanovapizzeria.com